Work: Art + Projects

2013_scape IIvideo
2009_scape with 6 and 7video
2010_scape with 6 and 7 (nuit blanche)video, installation, site-specific
20081 hour with my periodperformance, video
2005A collective statement against domestic abuselive, public, performance, collaboration, site-specific
2012A Piece of a Citycuratorial, collaboration, site-specific
2008abcperformance, video
2006Bike ridevideo
2011breath compositioncollaboration, live, public, performance, sculpture
2011breath composition IIcollaboration, sculpture, installation
2011breath composition IIIcollaboration, sculpture, installation
2013cable knotssculpture
2017cable knots bookletedition, workbook
2017cable knots club (Y+ contemporary)live, public, performance, interactive, workshop
2017cable knots club (Creative NS Gala)live, public, performance, interactive, workshop
2007conversevideo, installation
2008copulation quiltsculpture
2014(dis)comfortededition, sculpture
2011elastic bodyvideo
2012Finational [photo series]edition, photo
2008Finationalsculpture, performance, video
2012Fortscollaboration, installationa, site-specific
2009Gendai Nihongo workshoplive, public, performance, interactive, workshop
2008公公 Goong goong (guitar waltz)performance, collaboration, video, installation
2013home awaysculpture, video, installation
2016How I can–well-enough (or showing my work)live, performance
2016How to be together foreveredition, workbook
2012I want morelive, public, performance, interactive, workshop, sculpture, site-specific
2011in memorycuratorial, collaboration, site-specific
2012in the roundvideo
2006Kind Eyesperformance, video
2008Kiss Iperformance, video, installation, site-specific
2009Kiss IIperformance, video, installation, site-specific
2011Kiss IIIperformance, video, installation, site-specific
2011Knowherecollaboration, live, public, performance, sculpture
2007letter to milive, performance
2014Long shadowinstallation, site-specific
2006Make a wish!edition, live, public, performance, interactive, video, site-specific
2012Make a wish! edition
2012map to hereedition, live, public, performance, interactive, workshop, video
2009Meeting my motherlive, performance, collaboration, interactive
2011Mourning Tealive, performance, sculpture
2011Mourning Teasculpture, photo
2007my abortion rightlive, performance, video, installation
2018noodle knotsperformance, wip, sculpture
2010now.liminallive, performance, interactive
2008On a Sunnyside Mourningcollaboration, live, public, performance, installation, site-specific
2005on consumptionlive, performance, video
2007On Consumption IIlive, public, performance
2018parcel skinssculpture, wip
2013parcelssculpture, photo
2007performance drop-inlive, performance, collaboration, interactive, workshop
2008Post war 1, 2, skip a fewcollaboration, live, performance
2006Power Failurevideo
2012racing sticksperformance, interactive, workshop, video
2010red envelopes projectsculpture, wip
2009relative [concrete blocks]performance, video, sculpture, installation, site-specific
2008scarlet [smoking asian girls]performance, collaboration, video
2008see throughlive, performance, video, installation
2008She bleeds yellowcollaboration, live, performance, video, installation
2009She Mevideo
2008sheer tactualperformance, video
2015Show your workvideo, installation, site-specific
2019slow suspendingvideo, installation, site-specific
2013studies [from rice]photo
2013the curvesculpture, photo
2012tooth and nail (and hair)sculpture
2011turn something greenvideo
2017untitled (chinese character stamps)sculpture, wip
2011Untitled [black + grey]edition, video
2010Untitled [black + grey]video
2017Waking Dreams of Chinatown, Somewhere around here…live, public, performance, interactive, workshop, site-specific
2012walking chimespublic, performance, video
2012walking randoserusculpture, performance, live
2014ways of something (episode 2, minute 12)video, collaboration
2007When I was just a little girllive, performance, installation
2006woman, i just want to bevideo
2009women we want to be (mi cha)performance, collaboration, video
2007x-chromosome at workperformance, video, site-specific
2006You’re wrongperformance, video, collaboration