I want more (2012)

Interactive site-specific performance & workshop and
First edition performance multiple (hand paddle)

Artist Soup Kitchen at Raging Spoon Café
Curated by Catherine Clark, Jess Dobkin, & Stephanie Springgay
Toronto, Ontario

Fabrication assistance:
Sandra Liu

Photos by Julie Smitka

Thank you:
Rick Saulnier, Kate Barry, Alison Creba, Kathleen Edwards, Leanne Gillard, Arden Hagedom, Adam Herst, Johanna Householder, Sandra Liu, David Reyes, Sean Smith, Connie Tsang, and all participants!

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Knowhere (2011)

'Loser' Certificate of participation, Knowhere (2011) by Annie Onyi Cheung

Live interactive public performance

Eat, Breath, Sleep & Sh!t at VSVSVS
Curated by Maggie Flynn
Go Karts at Polson Pier
Toronto, Ontario

Video by Rick Saulnier
Photos by Suzan Cheung

Thank you to co-driver performers Tad Hozumi &
Gram Schmalz

Thank you also to
Calvin Grant, VSVSVS and all participants!

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_scape with 6 and 7 (2010)

_scape with 6 and 7 (2010 Nuit Blanche Toronto) by Annie Onyi Cheung, photo by David Reyes

Site-specific video and sound installation
10 min loop

Should I stay or should I go at Nuit Blanche
Curated by Christof Migone
Toronto, Ontario

Video by Rick Saulnier
Edited by the artist
Surround sound design by Michelle Irving

Performers: Maya Bastian, Adam Herst, John Loerchner, Laura Mendes, Alain Parizeau, Gram Schmalz, Laura Smith

Photos by David Reyes

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